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Weekend Women's Retreat

A beautiful setting in the forest, where we will come together to experience and embody the four seasons, the phases of the moon, the female archetypes and our womb cycles exploring how they interact with each other within us, throughout our lives.


YOU are invited

to a wonderful weekend of connection and inspiration

Have you ever wondered about your energy ebbing and flowing... about your moods waxing and waning, how sometimes you feel like a child, and other times you feel reflective, like a wise elder?

the time is now

say yes to yourself, to the joy inside!

If you have never been to a Women's Circle, this is your  opportunity to be a part of the holding energy and transformation that we create and feel when we sit together and share in this way. It can be transformative and healing, as I have experienced myself.


your weekend

starts here!

1.5 h from Basel, in France. Daily yoga practice, nourishing food especially prepared for you, sharing and connection in the circle, time in nature, silence and laughter, yoga nidra. the forest, massage.. Does this sound just right?

contact me

to book your special spot

Spaces are limited, as this is a small-group offering. Let me know if you have any questions or special requests. I am excited and honored to share this offering with you. From my heart to you.

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